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Monthly Archives: September 2011

ASP.NET bugs in IE10

Hi guys,Today I have  test  one of my web application  on IE10 and I found that  my application is on working properly. in IE10. So at 1st glance I was  bashing  Microsoft for such poor IE version.  but latter I found that  my web application is not working not due to IE 10  but due to  ASP.NET framework itself. How…

Microsoft’s new Windows Runtime

Make no mistake: Microsoft has re-invented the Windows API in WinRT. Just to recap, WinRT is the API for Metro-style applications, the touch-centric, app-centric API for tablets and, one presumes, eventually for Windows Phone (though Microsoft has yet to admit it). WinRT is only useable from Metro applications. You cannot call WinRT from a Win32 application, nor vice versa*. I…