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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Value Coercion in WPF

What is value coercion? If you are not familiar with value coercion, it is simply a mechanism by which related (or “interdependent”) dependency properties can be kept in sync and valid. The quintessential example can be found within the Slider control. A Slider has both Minimum and Maximum properties. Clearly, it would be a problem if the Maximum value were allowed…

WPF Architecture

Today I would  like to discuss some  core part of WPF architecutre. in  WPF ,Presentation Framework, Core Presentation and Media Integration Layer (milcore) Are The Three Major components of WPF architecture. These Are the Major portions of the WPF code. Milcore is cash en Unmanaged Code in order to enable tight integration with DirectX. DirectX engine is responsible for all display in WPF, allowing for…