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WF .net 3.0/3.5

Workflow foundation is very handy tool to develop Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) base application on .net platform.
Main step to utilize WF in your any .net application are as follows.

Step 1. Create a workflow using standard activity or custom activity with help of workflow designer.

Step 2. Create a workflow runtime instance in any desire host application to run workflow inside your desire application like window application, console application, asp.net application, window service.


workflow is the organize bunch of units called activity. which create the work model to resemble real word process. In other sense workflow is description of order of activity execution and relationship dependency of activity.

Mainly two type of workflow supported by .net framwork.
  1. Sequential Workflows
  2. State Machine Workflows
Sequential Workflow
It is rigid flow which contain loop and branches with condition and path through the workflow is deterministic.
State Machine Workflows

State machine workflows is composition of set of states, transitions, and actions. It is more event driven workflow. It wait for an event and trigger to change the new state.

there are many a ready made Activities given in Visual Studio

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